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Stitching Sheets: Using MongoDB Stitch to Create an API for Data in Google Sheets

Stitching Sheets: Using MongoDB Stitch to Create an API for Data in Google Sheets

MongoDB Stitch is a power tool in your toolbox, capable of integrating your databases to any service with a publically available API. I’ve written a number of articles on this on MongoDB’s Blog but in this article, I’ll share a quick lesson on how to integrate data from Google Sheets, Google’s online spreadsheet, into MongoDB using MongoDB Stitch. Watch the video or read on to learn what’s involved. Starting the Workflow There are two key elements that make this solution work.

Getting started with MongoDB Atlas

Getting started with MongoDB Atlas

Launching an M0 - Free Tier Instance MongoDB Atlas is a database as a service offering from MongoDB. Getting started is super simple and takes only about 10 minutes. Atlas offers various tiered service levels started with m0 and continuing with larger amounts of resource (cpu, disk, etc.) on up to m400 that comes with 488GB of RAM and 3TB of storage by default. Obviously, the larger the instance size, the more you’ll spend per hour but the good news is that you can pause these clusters when they’re not needed.

Build a Slack App in 10 Minutes (or less) with MongoDB Stitch

Remembering my last drink.

thom masat / Unsplash I’ve been told that if you don’t remember your last drink, you probably haven’t had it yet. I don’t know if that’s true, but I remember mine well. And while the last drink I do remember may not be the last drink I’ll ever have, I can say with relative certainty that I won’t be having one today. My last alcoholic bender began on January 9th, 2014 with a gulp of vodka guzzled from a 2-liter bottle.

11 Signs that You May Have a Drinking Problem

Happy New Year! My year is off to a stellar start, and I hope the same is true for you. For most of us, this is a truly joyous time of celebration. Many mark the passing of the year with care-free toasts and the occasional alcoholic refreshment. Michael Discenza / Unsplash If you’re one of these “normal” people - congratulations! If, however, you’re struggling with your drinking, read on.

The Story of Lynn

The following was prepared, compiled and documented by Teresa Lynn and sent to me, Michael Lynn in December of 2018. Heraldic Blazon of the Coat of Arms of the Family of Lynn The following information was found in the Hall of Archives and Records in Raleigh, North Carolina. SHIELD: Gules (red) a deli-lion rampant (fighting position) argent (silver) within a bordure x sable (black) bezantee (spotted with golden circles).

Fresh perspective and the road less traveled

All too often, we approach any given problem from the well-worn path of our trusted experience. We search our kit bag of experiences for a solution that’s worked in similar situations. This is nature. This is how our brains work - we learn grow and develop expertise by leveraging familiar paths to success. Annie Spratt / Unsplash The science behind this phenomenon tells us that each time we learn something new, neural pathways are created in your brain.

CodeCampNYC 2018

I had the pleasure of speaking at CodeCamp NYC on Saturday, October 20th. Attached is the presentation I shared. Serverless Application Development with MongoDB Stitch from Michael Lynn The talk covered a basic introduction to [MongoDB](, how it differs from Tabular Database Management Systems like [SQL Server](, [MySQL](, and the like. I also introduced [MongoDB Atlas](, the Database as a Service and [MongoDB Stitch](, the Backend as a Service.

MS Excel Project Management Template

Zen and Art of Stack Ranking with Excel

Background Stack Ranking as the name implies is the process of stacking things or people up and applying a 1 to n rating to each. Unlike a standard performance rating, a ranking implies that no two employees should have the same assigned rank and that when you’re finished, someone will be number one and someone will be on the bottom of the pile. Stack Ranking the members of your team can be a loathsome task.