Excel is extremely flexible in its function as well as its presentation.  Creating visually stunning, yet functional project artifacts is easy – when you know how to do it.  This version of the Excel Project Planning template provides the same, easy-to-use features that render an easy-to-read and understand project artifact that will help your team visualize current state and progress.

To use the tool, simply download the template to use as a starting point.  Fill in the steps of your project in the columns provided.  Next, provide starting and ending dates for each task and optionally specify current progress completion percentages.  The spreadsheet will handle the rest, presenting you with an easy to read Gantt chart showing task progress – late tasks in red, at-risk tasks in yellow and tbd projects in dark blue.

You can simulate project progress over time by adjusting the “Today’s Date” field in location C51.  This spreadsheet is perfect for projects where dependency linking and advanced resource management are overkill.  Microsoft Project is great – but at times it’s much more than this technologist needs to simply manage and communicate project status with my team.

Download MS Excel Project Management Template