When it comes learning a new subject, I think Albert Schweitzer said it best when he said "Example is not the main thing. It is the only thing."

MongoDB recently released a new powerful feature as part of the Atlas Database as a Service and it got me thinking about the power of example. This feature provides a set of sample databases that users can deploy to their hosted MongoDB clusters. These sample databases provide a model for users new document oriented data storage.

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Photo by John Schnobrich / Unsplash

As a developer Advocate, I spend a great deal of my time learning and then teaching what I’ve learned to others. and the ability to not only spin up clusters for free, in minutes but also to have them populated with rich document structures is an absolute game changer.

I’ve prepared a video screencast in which I walk through the process. The video is approximately 3 minutes — but that’s all I needed to explain this amazing new feature.

Sample Datasets in MongoDB Atlas

Once you’ve loaded the sample datasets, you’ll find that there are six individual databases with a single collection of documents in each.

Sample AirBnB Listings Dataset — Contains details on AirBnB listings.

Sample Geospatial Dataset — Contains shipwreck data.

Sample Mflix Dataset — Contains movie data.

Sample Supply Store Dataset — Contains data from a mock office supply store.

Sample Weather Dataset — Contains detailed weather reports.

Sample Training Dataset — Contains MongoDB training services dataset.

So what can you do with these sample datasets?

Well, for one, you could use them to participate in the Eliot's MongoDB World Weekly Challenge!

You could also use them to understand how document databases work. If you’re new to non-relational databases, or just want to learn more, deploy a free tier MongoDB Atlas cluster and Load the Sample Datasets. It’s the best way to get started.